What are the main benefits of being an investor?

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The benefits of being an investor include not having to do the trades yourself, but still benefit from how trading works. This buys you time to work on things you love doing, or improving your own strategies to a point you are happy to go live with them.


FXT CopyPro has democratized Forex investing, enabling virtually anyone to participate in the market and reap its rewards.

Let's explore the advantages of being an investor using the FXT CopyPro platform:

  1. Profit from Copied Strategies: Regardless of your experience level, you can earn money by replicating successful trades made by others. When the copied trades generate profits, you stand to benefit.

  2. Commission Only on Profits: With the CopyTrading application, you'll pay a commission to the strategy provider only when your investment turns a profit as a whole. This way, you won't incur expenses when the trades aren't successful.

  3. Leverage Experienced Traders: As an investor, you have the opportunity to mirror the strategies of seasoned traders. These experienced individuals will execute trades on your investment account based on the copying coefficient.

  4. Diverse Strategy Selection: The Copy Trading application offers a wide array of strategies for you to choose from. You can explore and invest in one or multiple strategies that align with your preferences.

  5. Learning Time for Trading: By following successful traders on the platform, you'll gain valuable extra time to learn and understand the nuances of trading as you venture into the market.

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